I produced this video to play at the Intuit XD Forum (XD = eXperience Design) in November of 2008. The theme was "Outside-In" and you could do anything that started with "What if...?"  The goal here was to open your mind and get you busting outside that box. Soundtrack is a trance remix of Clocks by Coldplay.
I share the story of how to get authentic buy-in & connection with team members on your designs, with a bonus of getting some fresh nuggets that can make your design even better.  First shown on XD Day (eXperience Design) of CTOF (Create the Offering Forum) 2013 at Intuit.
Direction by Jenn Anderson
Filming & Editing by Larry Hannigan
When HR wanted to showcase the revolutionary changes going on across design and UX at Intuit, they figured a video was the way to do it.  Somehow I wound up as the lead actor in this fun little production.  Explore what it is like to work for a design-first company where the customer is at the heart of all we do. Browse Design and UX jobs at Intuit or learn more about a career in User Experience at the UX Community Pinterest Board
4 June 2013
The main Catalyst Toolkit which as one of the original 20 Innovation Catalysts, I helped to produce.
Major contributor to the rethinking of the Intuit LSP (Leadership Success Profile). Called upon because of my “strong, positive POV on how Intuit, and corporate culture should be in a desired state.”  High-level, above is the current (2013) chevron-based LSP and below is an initial concept on how it could be refreshed.
When the HFES conference came to town, I led the immersive experience and tour of our San Diego Experience Design Research Center (Intuit Studio).  The full Technical Tour program can be found on the HFES website or in PDF.
When hot shot Ben learns of Gia's technique for promotion, he shows the true meaning of dummy.  Created for a panel at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2013.

Leading by Getting Your Ass in the Backseat
Remember when professionals were considered successful because they were the best at office politics, were tireless self-promoters, and used the work of others to scramble over bodies to the top? For most of us that was probably last Tuesday…but the times are changing. While this approach may have been successful in the past, the trail of damage done by these corporate clichés has devalued their stock. 
In this panel, we will detail how to create successful teams and get ahead at work by putting yourself last. Humility can be a powerful and influential leadership tool. It sends the message that we are better as a team and should not go it alone. Panelists will provide real-life examples that have worked in their companies to improve the performance, creativity, morale, and “success” of individual team members and entire teams.
Another way to look at this 'turning the big company into a bunch of small startups,' all of which have the same Venture Capitalist (the big company).  Your job on the small team is to OWN the business and GROW it like mad.
The 1.10.30 was a fun format where, for a half-hour, 10 different individuals or teams had 3 minutes each to answer the question "What if...?"  Oh, and you had to use preset timed slide advancements. No clicker. Tough.
Presented on 12/8/2009 during the XD Forum in Redwood City (Sofitel) by:
Morris Neer
Robert Torres
Phil Ohme
John Akers
Download the deck.
2 minutes of me answering 2 questions on 10% time:
1) Whats the best part of unstructured time/whitespace?
2) Any tips for employees just getting started?
Sorry about the vertical video!
25 April 2012 
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