Lead Designer (and Product Manager) for brand new Android app for tax accountants. The app helps them to answer client questions, making them appear more organized and professional. They are finally unchained from their desks during tax season. Check e-File status, refund amount, and details on each client. View full PDF of each tax return - 1000 tax returns in your pocket! 5-Star rating in Google Play.
Simpler codebase, simpler for users: By NOT having a "forgot passcode" option, screens were less cluttered, fewer new paths were required, the app was more secure, and engineers had less work.  After you guess your passcode wrong 5 times, we simply sign you out of your Intuit account. Existing 'reset password' flows can then be used if needed. Once you sign back in, you can set a new passcode (or continue without one until we force it in 5 days).
While we did not have optimizing for Android tablets within scope on the project, the app just worked as is.  No pixelation or scaling effects could be seen because we supplied the correct assets for each of the 4 main resolutions of Android devices.
Attention to detail: Had the visual designer spec every nook and cranny, in Android's required "dp" (density independent pixels) for layouts and "sp" (scale-independent pixels) for fonts. More info at Android Design.
Client Summary Screen
Because of attention to details like this...
We were able to get to this beauty.
...otherwise, it would have looked like this!  (original BAD i.e. no design)
More original BAD i.e. no design from the original port-over of the iPhone app.
NEVER reuse your iOS graphic assets or layout.
When engineering said "check it out, we are done the Android app" after 1 week, I had to do some serious course correction. (More original BAD i.e. no design from the original port-over of the iPhone app.)
It was better than this come time for the end of Beta a few months later, but still not up to snuff so I worked with the engineers and marketing to do a "quiet" commercial launch -- get v1.0 in the GooglePlay appstore, but absolutely no telling anyone besides our Beta testers about it.  No marketing or social media until the awesome v1.1 could be released 2 weeks later.
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